New livestock water monitor receives innovation award

A new hardware system designed to simplify livestock water monitoring was among the recipients of innovation award winners at Ag in Motion, in Langham, Sask. FarmSimple is the creator of the product and set out to bring a year-round user friendly solution to the often time-consuming task of checking livestock water.

The device monitors both water levels and temperature and relays the information back to the producer through text messages.

“In the event that the water were to go low for more than 15 minutes, you’d get a text message straight to your phone, saying the water is low at that certain location, you’d be able to dispatch  and go figure out what’s going on there,” explains Katlin Lang, co-founder of FarmSimple. “You can also view that data on your online dashboard at any time. But most people find that the text message is the most valuable because they don’t need to spend any extra time looking at something, the problem will just come to them.”

Lang says the thresholds at which the system sends out an alert are standardized but can be customized to suit each producer. For instance, if 15 minutes was too long or short of a timeframe for a low water reading, Lang can make adjustments to those parameters to better suit the operation.

The Herd Hand, which monitors water levels, and the Herd Hand DT, which monitors water – or water trough – temperature, can be installed onto any type of water source whether it’s a solar-powered pump or a gravity fed system where no power source is available.

For a full breakdown of the innovation award winning device, including price and data details, listen to the full interview below:

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