Harvest help increasingly harder to find

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

If you’ve been a fan of RealAgriculture a while, you’ll know we’re committed to few things, including covering the issues that matter most to the agriculture industry and having a sense of humour.

As we heard on the Farmer Rapid Fire this week, qualified farm workers are increasingly harder to find. The labour shortage isn’t new, nor is agriculture the only industry impacted, but the labour crunch seems to be getting worse each season.

Just last week, we polled the audience on how you were set for harvest help, adding in jest the last option of being so desperate you’d hire Shaun Haney. Turns out, even with his limited usefulness (he’ll only combine peas and canola), half of the respondents would consider hiring him.

This week, Shaun hopped on RFD-TV’s Market Day report to talk about the situation, the poll, and building a team for harvest.