Cutting electricity bills with a cogeneration generator

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

Whether it’s input prices, groceries, or fuel, the cost of living is undoubtedly increasing; however, one company is looking to alleviate some of those expenditures in the way of electricity costs with their cogeneration generator unit.

Guardian Plumbing and Heating were in attendance at this year’s Ag in Motion and although they are most commonly known for their boilers and grain drying units, they had a different product centre stage.

The generator, which can be installed in any home, garage, shop, greenhouse, etc., utilizes the heat created by the electricity and pushes it back through to appliances and applications that can effectively use the heat.

“So we’re taking BTUs you’re burning anyways in the home and using them in a more efficient way,” says Joey Stephan, owner of Guardian Plumbing and Heating. “We can use them to eliminate electric bills, or we can also create standby solutions as well for power outages. They work really good for heating water heating air”.

These units, by design, are providing the heat for hot water heaters, hot tubs and other appliances and applications within homes and other establishments. Stephan explains that depending on the electricity requirements multiple units could be installed in whichever location was desired, however, their smallest unit is said to create enough electricity for a mid-level size home.

If freezing up is a concern, Stephan says this generator checks those boxes as well as it uses a radiator system where the antifreeze prevents the unit from freezing, making it set up for cold winters.

The unit which was featured at the show that was able to power a mid-size home retails for approximately $17,500.