WOAH, the OIE has a new name

The international organization that tracks global animal disease outbreaks and works to improve animal health has rebranded itself with an acronym that aligns with its full name in English.

The World Organisation for Animal Health has been commonly known as the OIE dating back to its founding in 1924 as the Office International des Épizooties.

As of May 28, the Paris-based organization has unveiled a new identity and logo, which it hopes will provide more clarity on its mandate.

It will no longer be known as the OIE, as the organization says it’s switching to the acronym WOAH (and OMSA in French and Spanish.)

“As the interdependence of animal health systems with human health, livelihoods and ecosystems has never been more apparent, the rebrand comes at a crucial moment,” WOAH says.

The WOAH is mandated by 182 member countries/states around the world to improve animal health and welfare worldwide.