How to diversify your income as an FBN® Community Builder

Working in the ag industry provides you with lots of opportunities to increase your profit potential. One of the ways that Farmers Business Network® does that is through our Community Builder program. When you become an  FBN®  Community Builder, you’ll become an independent sales contractor who sells products from FBN Direct®.

But becoming a Community Builder is more than just becoming a salesperson. You’ll help grow FBN’s membership community in Canada. And you’ll work with other professionals in the ag industry who are out there hustling and growing their own businesses with reliable, quality products and services.

The great thing is that you’ll be bringing potential savings on crop protection, adjuvants and biological products to Canadian farmers in your local community.

Earn Extra Income

As a Community Builder, you’ll be able to increase your income through commissions and incentives that will help you grow your business and help farmers maximize their own operations.

Having FBN at your back means you won’t need to worry about overhead costs, inventory management or billing and collections. And you’ll be the reliable partner that your community can turn to.

Set Your Own Schedule

Becoming a Community Builder provides you with the flexibility to earn income without a full-time commitment. Community Builders are agronomists, farmers, equipment salespeople and dealers, ranchers  and even farmer spouses. And getting started is as easy as grabbing your iPad.

Give Back to Your Community

You’ll not only be providing access to affordable inputs and reliable direct-to-farm delivery to farmers in your local community, you’ll also have the chance to help lift your community up through the Community First Program.

When Canadian farmers shop on FBN Direct, a percentage of every sale is donated to a local project for your community. These projects are driven by FBN members who submit applications for projects they’d like to see funded. This happens on a bi-annual basis. The Community First Program is a win-win for Canadian FBN members because money spent in your community goes back to your community.

As a Community Builder, you’ll have an opportunity to partner closely with FBN members who have submitted applications for the Community First Program.

Interested in diversifying your income?

Learn more about how to become an FBN Community Builder today.

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