The Agronomists, Ep 61: Jim McComb and Aaron Stevanus on soybean micronutrient needs

Soybeans are a handy crop in rotation, as it fixes its own nitrogen, through N-fixing nodules on its roots. But soybeans still need a full compliment of other macro and micronutrients to reach maximum yields.

To discuss identifying, correcting, and avoiding micronutrient deficiencies, host Lyndsey Smith is joined by guests Aaron Stevanus of the Mosaic Company, and Jim McComb, of Farmers Edge AgriCoaching, for this episode of The Agronomists, brought to you by Adama Canada.

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Quick summary

  • We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: start with a soil test
  • Spend your first dime on lime! Why?
  • pH has a huge impact on nutrient availability
  • Clip 1: Dale Cowan — manganese deficiency
  • Some micronutrient problems can be at least temporarily fixed with foliar applications
  • Micros can go from deficient, to sufficient, to toxic quickly
  • Remember: nodules! Early nodulation and healthy nodulation is key to the season-long ability of the plant of accessing N
  • Clip 2: Mapping the whole field with Aaron Breimer
  • Other nutrients can interact and induce deficiency
  • Boron, when limiting, can cause pod abortion. It happens in Jim’s area
  • What about dry vs. liquid on the planter? Is there a perfect blend?
  • Potash and phosphorus management matters most

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