The Agronomists, Ep 60: Paul Hermans and Greg Stewart on planting perfection

Planning for great corn yields begins the year before, by assessing how well the planned plant population translated to actual cobs per acre.

That’s key information that informs THIS year — how well did you do on the planting pass, setting up the corn crop for success? Is picket-fence the goal, or is it a short-emergence window that matters more? How fast can you plant and still do a good job? For that discussion we go to Greg Stewart, agronomist with Maizex, and Paul Hermans, area agronomist with Corteva.

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Quick Summary:

  • The fall in Ontario was wet. Is that a harbinger of spring?
  • Counting cobs: what does a September 1 cob count tell you? Greg shares his insights
  • The planting pass is the key
  • Emerging within 24 to 48 hours of each other = max yield potential!
  • Should beans go in first? Maybe!
  • Is singulation the be-all end all?
  • Clip 1: Singulation with Matt Chapple
  • We are company agnostic
  • How many times do you jump off the tractor to check planting depth?
  • Rarely does too deep a seed cause an issue in corn, but too shallow does
  • Cold drink of water, it’s bad
  • Side-wall compaction causes hatchet roots
  • Bottom line: be patient, wait for the right soil conditions
  • The planting pass is the set up for success