The Agronomists, Ep 58: Ryan Benjamins and Jason Voogt on herbicide plan B, C, and D

It’s entirely possible that while herbicide supplies will be tight for #plant22, there will be enough to go around. That said, at least two popular herbicides — glyphosate and glufosinate — will be somewhat limited. What does that mean for herbicide plan B or C? Will tight supplies of some of the more popular actives lead to a run on lesser known products?

To dig in to what those plans might look like, we go to Ryan Benjamins of Benjamins Agronomy based at Lambton County, Ont., and Jason Voogt of Field 2 Field Agronomy out of Carman, Man.

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  • Let’s start with what the supply chain is telling agronomists: which products are short?
  • Biggest crop worry — IP beans and edibles, soybeans in general
  • IP bean acres in Ontario may be on the decline
  • Clip 1: Best bet weed control in IP beans with Mike Cowbrough
  • Pre-emerge or residual products might be the name of the game this year
  • Does the shortage of one herbicide induce a shortage of another? Possibly, especially for some of the more limited acre products
  • Don’t forget about “proven” products
  • Not all products play nice in a tank mix! Jar test (more on that here)
  • Benjamins says make sure you know your species mix and target weeds early/small
  • Voogt says make sure you’re double checking modes of action and compatibility
  • Use all the tools: seeding rate and date, pre-emerge or residual, scout, no revenge spraying, please
  • Planning ahead: cover crops are great at suppressing fall weed growth
  • Strip tillage and strip spraying? There’s possibility there


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