Raptor follows terrain to control strip-till depth

Independent depth control is one of the features that makes Unverferth’s Raptor strip till tools a good fit for growers looking to create ideal seedbeds in the tillage system, the company says.

At the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky, Unverferth’s Garrick Schroeder took RealAgriculture on a short tour of the Raptor. In this video, he notes how the machine’s TerrainPro row unit allows each row to travel up and down independently for consistent row-to-row tillage depth and fertilizer placement.

Swivel coulters with 20-inch blades feature 1,500 pounds of down pressure to cut through heavy reside and free-floating row cleaners with curved finger designs help clear residue from the strip. Schroeder also notes that the centrally-mounted, crowfoot-style wheel maintains row unit depth independently from row to row. The tillage shank tills the soil from 6 to 12 inches deep to manage root zone hardpan, and 18-inch notched concave closing coulters keep soil in the strip. (Story continues after the video.)

Pull-type models feature a front-folding toolbar and vertical-folding row units for narrow transport and compact storage. Unverferth touts the Raptor strip-tillage tool as an all-in-one solution for banding fertilizer. When applying fertilizer, the optional dry or liquid fertilizer systems are integrated into the rear of the machine for the best row unit visibility and easy filling.

Pull-type models are available in 12 or 16 rows with 30 inch row spacing and feature a heavy duty 7×7 inch toolbar. Three-point models are available in 6, 8 or 12 rows with 30, 36 or 38 row spacing and feature a heavy duty double wall frame with a 6×6 inch rear mounting bar for maximum durability.

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