Beef Market Update: Demand stays strong, but doesn’t translate to profits in the cash market

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

As the calendar makes its way through March, Anne Wasko, of the Gateway Livestock Exchange, says we are running short on time for a surprise spring rally.

On the demand side, things are looking really good. However, it’s posing a bit of a problem, as it’s not translating to the cash cattle side, do to a number of factors.

“As we do get past this first quarter in the U.S., we do see supplies kind of start to pick up again. So that’s the problem with that correlation,” Wasko explains.

One challenge right now is that the consumer thinks the beef producer is doing well right now, since we’re seeing that sticker price go way up in the grocery stores, says Wasko. We can’t blame them for jumping to that conclusion, but the idea that the rancher must be making bank off of it, is certainly false.

“It’s a classic storyline in how those dollars don’t filter back down to the grassroots level. It’s extremely frustrating, and certainly being highlighted right now,” she says.

Check out the full conversation with Anne Wasko and Shaun Haney, including an update on feeder supplies, and the cash market, below:

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