Be ready with new Coragen® MaX insecticide

You never know when insects are going to hit your fields, eating your crop right out from under you. But you need to be ready.

Insect pests like grasshoppers, bertha armyworms, diamondback moth and cutworms can cause significant damage to yield and quality. Whether they are a problem depends a lot on weather and other things outside your control.

You can’t predict insect pressure, but you can plan for it. The time between realizing there’s a problem and having to be out in the field spraying can be short, especially if you have a lot of acres to cover. It’s a good idea to have a plan and to secure a supply of insecticide before you’re scrambling to control an infestation.

Thankfully, being prepared is easier than ever. New Coragen® MaX insecticide is 3X more concentrated, so you cover more ground with less product. That means there is less product to handle while mixing, a smaller footprint in the chem shed or shop and less plastic and packaging waste to dispose.

One small case of Coragen MaX insecticide treats 480 acres

It can be hard to picture what exactly the more concentrated formulation means. An easy way to visualize it is to compare the new 2L jug of Coragen MaX insecticide with the previous 6L jug of Coragen insecticide. The new, smaller jug treats the same number of acres. And a single case that contains four of the 2L jugs treats a whopping 480 acres at the grasshopper rate of 120 acres per jug.

No one likes unnecessary plastic and packaging waste. We all want to be responsible stewards. More concentrated formulations mean less plastic, and that’s good for everyone.

Easy on beneficials

Coragen MaX insecticide is the next generation of the Rynaxypyr® active formulation. It still provides all the benefits of the original Coragen insecticide with extended control of key insect pests like grasshoppers, bertha armyworms, diamondback moth and cutworms. And it has minimal impact on many important beneficials.*

Keeping beneficials working in the fields is important. Knocking back beneficials is like cutting out a mission-critical workforce right when you need them most.

Coragen insecticide has always mixed well, it’s flexible with short preharvest intervals, and it’s forgiving – you can use it when it’s hot or cold and it can be applied any time of the day. The 7-21-days of extended control** from Coragen insecticide gives the crop that extra protection buffer if you have a lot of acres to cover and you don’t get the timing just right, or if there’s extended insect pressure coming into the field.

The beauty of new Coragen MaX insecticide is that it brings all the benefits and performance of Coragen insecticide with a lot less packaging and waste. This new formulation will perform exactly the same as the product you know and love. The higher concentration just makes it easier to handle, plus it takes up less space.

Coragen MaX insecticide. It makes an already great product even better.

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*When applied at label rates. In line with Integrated Pest Management and Good Agricultural Practices, insecticide applications should be made when pollinators are not foraging to avoid unnecessary exposure.
**Depending on rate and when weather and temperature are optimal.
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