Ag Leader’s RightSpot technology takes the pressure off the operator

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

Sprayer technology is one of those things that we are really seeing a continuous evolution. Ag Leader’s RightSpot technology is no exception to that statement.

Sam Wilson, technology sales specialist with Ag Leader, was on hand at the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky, to discuss a brand new sprayer system.

“This allows you to get individual nozzle swap control on your sprayer, it also helps you to control droplet size by making it so you can control pressure and rate at the same time, and also offers turn compensation. So it’s going to make doing a good job in the sprayer just a lot easier job,” he explains.

“Spraying requires so much focus and so much attention to do a good job when you’re spraying. If you’re not going fast enough, or you’re going too fast with a traditional sprayer, you could potentially have problems with drift, you could have off target application, or just poor coverage. RightSpot really helps to eliminate those problems.”

The system can be retrofitted onto a lot of common sprayers, but as Wilson notes, Ag Leader has universal kits of the system as well. These kits will be available to order come July of 2022 — so keep your eyes peeled.

Check out the full conversation between Wilson and RealAgriculture’s Kara Oosterhuis, below:

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