The Agronomists, Ep 55: George Lazarovits and Jon Treloar on biological products

Corn treated with a pre-emerge residual/glyphosate tank mix.

Host Lyndsey Smith and guests George Lazarovits of A&L Biologicals and Jon Treloar of Novozymes BioAg, discuss the evolution of biological products, what exists now, what’s working, what’s in the pipeline, any cautions around using biological products, and where they have made a significant difference in cropping systems.

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  • How do we have a conversation about microbes and biological products and not talk about snake oil?
  • Why are biological products difficult to prove effective?
  • It’s not just soil biology — plants have a biome too, and some of that is on the seed, naturally
  • First clip: Jon Treloar way back in 2017 at AIM
  • There are classes of biologicals: nutrient related, bio-protection, and hormone based
  • There was a second clip, but Lyndsey didn’t use it
  • Lazarovits shares some fascinating slides about corn NDVI and microbe types and levels.
  • Why do microbes thrive in some field areas and die in others?
  • Isolating microbes isn’t the most difficult part — multiplying and fermenting, plus packaging and delivery are major challenges. They are live products, after all
  • Treloar explains that there’s no “bug in a jug” that can solve everything. It’s a tool, and perhaps one we’ll need more of us regulations on fertilizer use increases

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