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Each year, wild oats challenge Western Canadian farmers’ cereal crops. With unique regional challenges and increasing herbicide resistance, there is a need to consistently adapt grass control options to ensure farmers are receiving the greatest return on investment, and in exchange, control of problem weeds.

SOURCE: Bayer Crop Science Internal Trials (Innisfail, 2012). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.

Cirray™ herbicide is the latest edition to Bayer’s cereal herbicide portfolio for spring wheat and barley, providing premium control of wild oats and green and yellow foxtail, while also controlling barnyard grass and Persian darnel, building on existing solutions like Puma® Advance.

Cirray stands apart from other Group 1 solutions currently in-market thanks to the trusted wild oat control seen from pinoxaden and the exceptional green and yellow foxtail control seen from fenoxaprop. This unique combination provides farmers with a wide range of grass weed control options in a single product.

Where green foxtail and wild oats top the list of weed species of concern for Western Canada, Cirray is a reliable, fast-acting tool for farmers to gain peace of mind, earlier in the growing season*.

“Understanding the best protection for farmers is a comprehensive weed management strategy, we’ve created a total crop solution by book-ending Cirray herbicide with Raxil® PRO as a seed treatment, and Prosaro® PRO for fungicide coverage,” says Rory Cranston, Market Development Manager for Cereals, Bayer Crop Science. “Cirray builds on the existing Bayer portfolio by stepping up protection against wild oats while maintaining control of green foxtail.”

SOURCE: Bayer Crop Science Internal Trials (Innisfail, 2012). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.

Cirray showcases 94 per cent efficacy in controlling both wild oats and green foxtail, which provides a high level of control of wild oats** and green foxtail*** compared to other leading cereal graminicide products.

With fast-acting active ingredients, results from applications of Cirray are evident earlier and crop safety can remain top of mind. A wide window of application, which includes as early as the one leaf stage up to six leaves on the main stem, plus three tillers, provides farmers the flexibility to apply as best suited to individual fields, though Cranston recommends early weed removal for better control.

Cirray doesn’t require the addition of an adjuvant for application, streamlining farm usage and providing an opportunity for tank mixing with a wide range of cereal broadleaf herbicides such as Infinity® FX, Buctril® M and Stellar™ herbicide for complete coverage.

“We endeavor to consistently deliver farmers maximum value on their investment – not just on the seeds they choose, but by protecting those seeds in the ground and their in-crop applications as well,” says Cranston. “Enabling users to bundle Cirray alongside Raxil PRO and Prosaro PRO, strengthens their total crop solution strategy and ensures each farmer can receive the maximum discount possible through the BayerValue™ program.”

Cirray will be available in a 20-acre jug and 320-acre drum for the 2022 growing season. Farmers are encouraged to talk to their local Bayer representative and retail to learn more, or visit

* Source: Leeson, J.Y., Hall, L., Neeser, C. Residual weed population shifts in Alberta- 1973 to 2017. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
** 7 Bayer Crop Science Internal Trials (2012)
***5 Bayer Crop Science Internal Trials (2012)
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