Feed, parts, spray, fert — farmers are feeling the supply chain pinch

CC BY-ND 2.0 – photo by Mtneer_man

There are those that say if you talk about something enough, it’s more likely to happen. If that’s the case, you can blame Kelvin Heppner for the rate of inflation and perhaps Shaun Haney for the fact that you can’t lock down enough glyphosate for the spring.

While I’m mostly kidding, both supply chain disruption and the increasing cost of all things have been significant discussion topics since spring of 2021. The two are linked, of course, both directly and indirectly, and neither has a swift solution.

Here at RealAgriculture, we’ve been tackling several of the most pressing supply issues, from fertilizer, to herbicides, to feed, and even labour, for some time. We’ve asked a version of this question before, but we’re asking it again, as further supply chain slow downs are showing up in grocery stores, the car dealership, and even in greenhouses.

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