21 conversations from the rollercoaster that was 2021

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I’ve been having this conversation a lot lately, as I’m sure many of you have been too — I’m not sure how we’re at the end of December already.

Although the last couple of weeks have shown some true winter temperatures, it has been abnormally warm (and dry) in my area, which I’m convinced has many thinking (myself included) it can’t be the holiday season already.

This time of year has me standing back at looking at all aspects of my life — the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Last year, I received positive feedback from an article I wrote in regards to some of my favourite interviews of 2020. I decided to take a stab at this reflection exercise again this year.

2021 was a rollercoaster again, but nonetheless, it was a ride. So for 2021, here are my top 21 interviews from 2021. This has nothing to do with clicks, views, or anything like that; these are simply ones I enjoyed.

In no particular order, here’s the list. Enjoy, and as always — thanks for the continued support. Happy holidays!

1.) The Successors, Ep 1: Responsible communication, mentorship, and finding your place in ag

  • ft. Rosie Thoni, AdFarm

2.) The Successors, Ep 2: Critical decisions, making a manager, and the importance of knowing there is always mañana

  • ft. Sarah Jackson, Uplands Pheasantry and Jack Pine Meadows

3.) The Successors, Ep 3: Getting involved with a board, finding your place, and enjoying a good family dinner

  • ft. Hannah Konschuh, Generation Land & Grain Co. Ltd.

4.) The Successors, Ep 4: Building new programs, finding commonalities, and the importance of having a good support group

  • ft. David MacTaggart, University of Saskatchewan

5.) The Successors, Ep 5: Working on and off the farm, having a willingness to learn, and staying humble in the winners circle

  • ft. Matt Chapple, PRIDE Seeds and Chapple Farms

6.) The Successors, Ep 6: Gaining respect at the table, joining a family farm, and singing in the tractor

  • ft. Luke and Katie Grove, Spring Grove Agri Ltd.

7.) When it comes to mental health, just listen and know not everything has to be fixed

  • ft. Lesley Kelly, Do More Ag Foundation

8.) “Six years flew by in a hurry”: An Alberta Canola reflection with John Guelly

  • ft. John Guelly, farmer from Westlock, Alta.

9.) Canadian Ag Literacy Month focuses on telling the story of Canadian agriculture

  • Johanne Ross, Ag In The Classroom – Canada

10.) Lyndsey Smith on communicating and teamwork

  • ft. Lyndsey Smith, RealAgriculture

11.) Integrity and a general curiosity will get you far: Dianne Finstad

  • ft. Dianne Finstad, RFD-TV

12.) One voice can make change, but unified voices do more: A perspective from Jeff Nielsen

  • ft. Jeff Nielsen, farmer from Olds, Alta.

13.) Strong demand for durum draws on already tight supply from key producing areas

  • Daniel Ramage, Cereals Canada

14.) Painting a picture for your agronomist: Considerations for in-field photos

  • ft. Jeremy Boychyn, Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions

15.) Buying out grain contracts? Some considerations to keep in mind

  • ft. Colin Penner, University of Manitoba

16.) High oil prices, global bottlenecks, driving up the price of fuel

  • ft. Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy

17.) Country-of-origin labelling not getting enough attention in Ottawa, says shadow minister

  • ft. John Barlow, shadow minister for agriculture

18.) Pulse School: Four early season considerations

  • ft. Jenn Walker, Alberta Pulse Growers

19.) Canola School: Scouting strategies for clubroot

  • ft. Leighton Blashko, BASF

20.) Wheat School: Updating the wireworm species survey, 80 years later

  • ft. Ted Labun, Syngenta Canada

21.) Corn School: Smoke, pollination, and silage quality

  • Sara Meidlinger, PRIDE Seeds


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