Show Your 4-H Colours continues efforts to unite Canada

One thing that often unites different generations from all the diverse facets of agriculture is 4-H. If you weren’t directly involved with 4-H, you likely have a connection who is in the program, or has been previously.

Show Your 4-H Colours is one of those events where this widespread sense of community is shown.

Held every November, 4-H members, leaders, alumni, and supporters wear green (or even better, 4-H green!) to celebrate 4-H and the positive impacts the program has made.

This year t-shirts were sold in advance to be worn on November 3rd, with proceeds going back to 4-H Canada.

As the second year of the virtual event continues throughout the day, many different people are taking to Twitter to show their green, and as an added bonus, the smiles seem to be contagious.

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