RealAg Politics, Ep 4: Persistence, policy, and uncomfortable coffee shop talk

With the latest federal election behind us, it’s time to dig in to the task at hand: lobbying this new government.

This week, federal, provincial, and territorial ministers are gathering to discuss business risk management, and the next ag policy framework. We also got the Conservative’s shadow cabinet.

To break this all down, host Kelvin Heppner is joined by Shaun Haney and Dave Carey, vice-president of government & industry relations with the Canadian Canola Growers Association, to discuss what’s happening, and what lobbying needs to look like heading in to the new parliament.


  • Ag ministers are meeting in Guelph (and online) this week for the FPT meeting
  • Kick off! Roundtable for agriculture and the environment. That was the theme.
  • Carey focused on the positive things agriculture is doing within an environmental lens
  • Sustainability is a three-legged stool, and it’s important to remember all three of them and acknowledge them all
  • Representation and inclusion at policy-making tables is key
  • Net zero advisory body doesn’t have agriculture representation, for example
  • What’s the chance there will be a big announcement at the end of this meeting? A new agreement? A scrapped plan?
  • Climate-focused discussion definitely dominates, but that is the Canadian priority
  • The path to majority governments is through urban centres
  • Does in-person meeting make a difference? Not everyone is there in person
  • Kicking the can down the road has happened enough, it’s time to get some decisions made
  • There’s a need to demonstrate action from this meeting, Carey says
  • Shadow cabinet time!
  • John Barlow is back in the AAFC critic role, but with food security added
  • What do the new names for the shadow cabinet say about the Conservatives’ view?
  • How does agriculture ensure it’s effective on Parliament Hill?
  • Producer and policy groups need to understand the political reality and public opinion
  • “We have the resources, do we have the mandate?” — there may be some uncomfortable coffee shop discussions back home

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