Peace of mind

When it comes to your stored grain, what’s it worth to you?

If you’ve stored grain before, you know how quickly conditions can change inside your bin, and that a bin monitoring system allows you to be responsive to those changes. If you’re using old cables with a handheld device where you have to walk up to your bin to get a reading, you’re not making the best use of your time. What if we told you that you don’t have to walk up to your bins to find out what’s happening inside? Or that you can receive custom alerts to your phone or computer when conditions inside your bin suddenly change? Or that you can have a system smart enough to automate fans and dryers, so they run only when they need to? AGI SureTrack does exactly that by using the latest technology to deliver peace of mind to growers who carry grain for the market advantage.

With AGI SureTrack, your bin is more than just a bin – it becomes a SmartBin. “An AGI SureTrack SmartBin brings the data that is being collected inside your bin to the palm of your hand” says Alicia Cowieson, Senior Manager, Technology Sales for AGI. Access your data anytime and anywhere with a SmartBin. You establish the parameters and AGI SureTrack delivers the data to keep those parameters in line. You customize the alerts and notifications that are important to you.

But what if you already have existing cables in your bin? “AGI partners with producers across Canada to gather product feedback in order to provide the market with products and solutions that work for them. When we spoke with producers, they understood the value of the data a platform like AGI SureTrack can provide, but because they already had existing cables in their bin, they were hesitant to buy a whole new system.” says Alicia. She continues to add, “this is why we felt it was important to find a solution that works with what they already have.” So, what does this mean? It means AGI SureTrack can now read OPI™ and BIN-SENSE® cables. No matter which cable manufacturer you have installed on your bins, AGI SureTrack’s industry leading software can connect to that data. What does that mean for you? It means you can upgrade your system by simply plugging your existing cables into an AGI modem.

If alerts and notifications are just something you ignore, don’t worry! AGI SureTrack’s experienced customer support Coaches watch your alerts for you. They are your backup plan. Headed on vacation? Need a break? Your AGI SureTrack subscription includes 24/7 customer support. This team understands your goals and priorities and monitors your investment to assure success.

“We feel quality, and visibility go hand in hand, and the AGI SureTrack system delivers both. Customers who have moisture/temperature cables can automate their grain management systems. Automating your fans and heaters allows for additional savings from energy efficiency.” advises Alicia. But it doesn’t stop there. Imagine what you could do with a few extra points thanks to rehydration? What about saving on grading quality by not over drying? Energy savings plus proper conditioning plus producer premiums lead to a healthy return on investment. The opportunity to profit is great when you plug into the right system.

Future capabilities include the opportunity to locate processors within AGI SureTrack’s marketplace who will pay a premium for the grain characteristics you are harvesting.

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