How low can you go? Horsch’s new sprayer boom gets closer to ground and crop canopy

Horsch’s Leeb sprayer is a brand new unit on the market and the features are seemingly endless.

To start, a high gear ratio on hubs are heavier built, meaning the Leeb can go up a steeper hill in a higher gear.

“It’s a 50/50 weight distribution throughout the whole unit, front to back,” says Cody Davis, territory manager at Alberta Ag Centre, who gave Kara Oosterhuis all the specifications recently at Agri-Trade in Red Deer, Alta.

The Leeb has recirculating booms and easier boom cleanout. The boom width is 120 feet, with 10 inch nozzle spacing, which means the boom can get a lot lower to the ground or crop canopy. The Leeb also comes equipped with a 1600 U.S. gallon stainless steel tank.

“We have five, 45 degree angle nozzle sensors, so the whole boom will contour the ground and frown,” says Davis. The Leeb has the ability to “frown” and “smile” as well as Raven sectional control via individual nozzle body shut-off.

Quick-fill at the front of the unit means no 90 degree angles and sprayer fill up is directly through the side.

Check out the full video for more, and find more specs below the player:

Davis says that there is more space between the tires and the boom — it’s three feet longer than the position of the tires, which creates a wind draft, so dirt and dust will go over top of the boom.

“In very difficult terrain it’ll go up to an 18 degree angle on a hill and it’ll go right up it because of the high gear on the hubs,” says Davis, “and with the 50/50 weight distribution it’ll basically climb anything.”

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