Planning weed control when using stacked herbicide traits in canola

Stacked traits are quite common in corn and increasingly more common in soybean as well, but the concept is still quite new for the balance of Western Canada’s crop mix.

Managing with stacked traits adds significant flexibility, says Bayer Crop Science trait and trait launch manager, Andrew Chisholm, and making the most of that added flexibility takes some planning.

Bayer’s TruFlex with Roundup Ready and LibertyLink Technologies trait allows for both a Liberty or RoundUp herbicide pass on growing canola, offering multiple modes of action to adjust weed management in-season and on the go, Chisholm says.

If weather conditions turn, growers have the option to move to the herbicide that works best. What’s more, managing tough-to-control or herbicide resistant weeds, such as kochia, can be done in-crop, he says. Plus, the trait ensures that the key early season weed control happens in a timely fashion.

The introduction of stacked-trait canola does mean growers have to plan for volunteer canola in the next growing season. It’s a manageable challenge, Chisholm says, as there are several other options for a multi-mode of action pre-seed burndown, and a solid rotation offers the opportunity to control those volunteers.

The use of TruFlex with Roundup Ready and LibertyLink Technologies can add a strategic angle to choosing fields too, and adds a layer of efficiency at spray timing, says Chisholm, as it adds options for field spraying when there is still product in the tank.

Listen to the full discussion with Shaun Haney and Andrew Chisholm below: 

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