Tour 100 Ontario fields virtually on the Ontario Soil Road Trip

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

Members of the Ontario Soil Network are inviting complete strangers onto their farms — virtually, of course.

Mel Luymes, communications and community director of the Ontario Soil Network, says that the Soil Road Trip allows farmers, researchers, or just those who are curious, to tour up to 100 fields and discover what each farmer is doing to improve soil health on their farm.

Built as an app or through a web browser, the Ontario Soil Road Trip is designed so that people can take a look at cover cropping, strip tillage, managed grazing, and more, all from the comfort and safety of their own home. That said, the locations are public and Luymes says that each stop is marked with signage, which includes a QR code that brings up photos, video, and details about each plot or field.

Luymes adds that visitors will see video and photos of what has happened at each field up to date. They can also get some field history or notes of interest. They also may see what didn’t work, and that’s by design. Luymes says farmers learning from each other is a cornerstone of the Ontario Soil Network, and failures or what to improve on is part of that too.

Listen on to hear more about the Ontario Soil Network and the online road trip, here:

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