RealAg Radio, Sept 9: Politics, back on the road, and a Farmer Rapid Fire

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

Today’s RealAg Radio episode is brought to you by another hotel room! That’s right, host Shaun Haney, is back on the road, ready to moderate tonight’s National Agricultural Leaders Debate.

It’s Thursday, so that means one thing: it’s time for a Farmer Rapid Fire. On today’s episode, brought to you by Pioneer Seeds Canada, you’ll hear from:

  • Mark Torrey, of Ont.,
  • Mark Huston, of Ont.,
  • Randy Court, of Man.,
  • Kristjan Hebert, of Sask.

As well, stay tuned for a product spotlight on silage corn with Nicole Rasmussen, of Pioneer.

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