RealAg Politics, Ep 2: Federal election night frenzy

It wouldn’t be fair to have an election without an episode of RealAg Politics!

The election campaign has been a speedy whirlwind, and co-hosts Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner are here to break it down for you — specifically from the agriculture perspective.


  • The PPC has really gained some traction. Many are comparing them to the previous Republican Trump United States. Maxime Bernier isn’t quite the same leader as Donald Trump, but he still certainly knows how to work a crowd.
  • Check out this interview Shaun conducted with David Coletto of Abacus Data heading into the election.
  • What would it take to keep O’Toole around if the Conservatives don’t win this election? Andrew Scheer got one chance. Will O’Toole get another?
  • In case anyone was wondering, Lawrence MacAulay is still running in his riding. (and won)
  • Who would come up as the Conservative Ag Minister? There’s not a clear winner, but top of the list would be Lianne Rood, who is the current critic.
  • Some notable goodbye’s this year for an agriculture audience would be Wayne Easter. We will see what happens after tonight.
  • The environment file is huge. It’s hard to look past that in terms of impact on the industry.
  • The grocery code is something that both the Conservatives and the Liberals want to go forward with.
  • We know that sometimes the agricultural vote is taken for granted.
  • Is there a big agricultural ask right now? Not really.
  • Did Jody Wilson Raybould’s book have the impact some thought it would over this last week? Likely not, because most people had their minds made up at this point. However, Kelvin says there are some interesting nuggets in there.
  • The issue of this whole election, and really society right now: Trust. Who we believe. What we believe. It’s a tough world right now.

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