Kuhn intros new in-line Optiwrap OWR 6000 round bale wrapper


Kuhn’s new OptiWrap OWR 6000 inline round bale wrapper — a brand new offering from Kuhn North America — launched at Farm Progress Show at Decatur, Illinois held in late August.

Matt Murdock of Kuhn joined Kara Oosterhuis at the show to have an up-close look at the new forage wrapper.

Kuhn is building on their 15 to 20 years of success of the individual bale wrappers, now coming out with the in-line bale wrapper, primarily for the North American market, Murdock says.

The OWR 6000 can quickly wrap round bales of various sizes, including 4- and 5-foot-wide bales and even up to 6 feet in diameter, says Kuhn.

“It wraps up to a six foot round bale, in those long tubes you see along the side of the road, so we’re really excited about this product, we’ve had great feedback, and I think it’ll be a really good product for us in the future,” says Murdock.

Compared to other wrappers on the market, there’s a lot of technology built in. “Right in the monitor you enter your bale width, your bale diameter, and how many wraps you want, and the computer calculates how fast the plunger should move forward, in accordance to how many film dispensers you have on that machine,” says Murdock — making it very “plug and play.”

The custom operator or medium- to large-sized farm is the ultimate market for this bale wrapper, which works best under dry conditions, with some features that allow for less than optimal, muddy conditions.

The OWR 6000 is suitable for “any round bale that you make on your farm, whether that’s wet hay, dry hay, we have people wrapping straw and even corn stalks, just to protect and preserve that crop that you’re putting out,” says Murdock.

Check out the full conversation below: 

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