Harvest is complete, and winter is coming – is your grain protected?

You’ve invested time and money in your fields, protecting your crop doesn’t stop after harvest. Whether you’ve had a hot, dry harvest or a wet one, knowing storage and aeration best practices will help you maximize your profits.

“It’s important to understand the temperature and moisture conditions within your bin at all times and to compare how those conditions align with your aeration or drying objectives.” says Chris Chartier, Product Manager at AGI Grain Guard.

Being able to control the temperature in stored grain is critical. In North America, some regions experience severe temperature fluctuations from one season to the next. The transition between these extremes can happen rapidly or gradually, which can create conditions that impact the quality of your stored grain. These conditions can affect the uniformity of temperature and moisture levels within the grain mass, leading to warmer and cooler areas and areas of high moisture, which in turn can lead to spoilage and other complications.

“This is why it’s important to properly dry and cool your grain in the fall to prevent adverse conditions and more easily preserve grain quality through the late fall and winter months” says Chris. If you harvest grain during hot, dry conditions, you need to bring the temperature of the grain down quickly to enable safe storage through the winter. If the grain has high moisture content, it’s best to dry the grain down to preferred moisture content levels during the fall months before winter comes.

“In order to store your grain safely, it’s important to have a grain monitoring system that allows you to check on your current storage conditions during all seasons” says Chris. This is where AGI Grain Guard and AGI SureTrack can help you maintain the quality and condition of your valuable commodities.

For more information on best drying and aeration practices visit aggrowth.com/agi_aeration or agisuretrack.com to learn more about AGI SureTrack’s BinManager.

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