A long, strong chain: Gordon Bacon on his induction into the Canadian Ag Hall of Fame

Gordon Bacon, in conversation with RealAg’s Shaun Haney.

A long-time pulse crop industry leader and champion is headed into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame later this year.

Gordon Bacon, former CEO of Pulse Canada, joined Shaun Haney on RealAg Radio this week to talk about his newly-announced induction into the Hall of Fame, and to look back on his career: from beginning as the head of Pulse Canada in 1997 to playing an influential role in the United Nations declaring 2016 as International Year of Pulses.

“Honestly, my head was spinning and my thoughts were just racing around,” says Bacon, regarding the news of his induction on Monday. “I really thought a lot about all the people who have been a mentor to me, people who I had worked for, and worked with, who provided me with direction.”

Bacon likens his career to a long chain — where he’s just one link — and all the people he’s worked with, or for, along the way, and who have shared successes and failures along this whole chain. His induction has brought into focus those people along the chain, over his 24 years with Pulse Canada.

During that time, the pulse industry has become a flagship for the production and value-added industries on the Prairies. Bacon says that he’s proud of Pulse Canada’s track record for promoting health and nutrition, sustainability, and trade — trying to be more than just competitive, as well as elevating Canada’s role globally in pulses.

In addition to Bacon, the 2021 Hall of Fame class includes Dr. Don Buckingham, Stan Eby, Johanne Ross, and Dr. Phil Williams. The induction ceremony is scheduled to be held Sunday, November 21, 2021 in Winnipeg.

Hear the full conversation between Gordon Bacon and Shaun Haney below:

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