Mitigating hanger through tractor snacks

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It’s the time of the year where we are spending lots of time in the equipment. Although there are important things to be done while we’re on whatever piece of equipment it may be, sometimes it’s hard to ignore that stomach grumble.

This week’s Farmer Rapid Fire on RealAg Radio focuses on a hard hitting, ground-breaking journalism question: What is your favourite tractor snack?

To start off the lively discussion, host Shaun Haney says his go-to is the Costco dried mangoes. Sugared or not, the dried fruit keeps his hunger in check.

Jason Boersma of Ridgetown, Ont. says his favourite is granola bars.

“I keep a box full and keep the fridge full of water and Gatorade. They are quick and on the go and you can’t go wrong with that one,” says Boersma.

Aubrey Yule of Killarney, Man., on the other hand, says his signature tractor snack is the Brookside chocolate covered fruit — so much so that his wife had to start hiding them on him.

“I have found the box again, so they are fair game now. There’s lots of snacking going on,” laughs Yule.

Jim Hale of Lancer, Sask., who just had a second child (Congrats Jim and family!), and isn’t eating baby food, says snack of choice is beef jerky.

“The sodium is probably not really doing me any favours, but always beef jerky. Definitely on road trips, too,” explains Hale. “The hot and sweet really is the flavour of choice, and they have a hot teriyaki which is quite nice too.”

Scott Keller of Camrose, Alta., who says Spitz sunflower seeds do NOT belong in the tractor, says his favourite snack is whatever his wife packs — and whatever he doesn’t need to use much of his hands for.

“She always puts a piece of fruit in, and quite often its been a plum. And then you suck on the pit for a half hour, or whatever. What can you really honestly snack on, on a tractor? You’ve got dirty hands all the time,” says Keller.

Last but not least, Kevin Bisschop of Chilliwack, B.C., says his go-to tractor snack is Kirkland brand trail mix (what is it about that trail mix that just makes it so good?!).

“I’ve tried other kinds, and it’s not the same. It has to be Kirkland brand trail mix,” Bisschop emphasizes. “I don’t know if it’s the M&M’s, or the nuts, or the raisins, I don’t know. But it’s the only one that I go to.”

What is your favourite? Let us know in the poll below!


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