RealAg LIVE! with Shaun Haney on the power of teamwork

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For anyone who knows Shaun Haney, they know he’s someone who is constantly thinking and evaluating what is going on around him. What has he been thinking about this week?

On this RealAg LIVE! we’ve got a special “Freestyle Friday” where Shaun has an interactive chat with the audience, mixed with clips on his topic for today: the power of teamwork (both on and off the farm).

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CLIP 1: Playing as a Team in Hockey and Farming — Lanny McDonald talks Leadership and Teamwork

  • Teamwork often makes us think of sports
  • Are certain players playing their own game? Are they off the page everyone else is on?
  • We lose together and we win together
  • Seeding parties, harvest parties. Celebrate together.
  • Being comfortable enough to ask your team the tough questions
  • It’s one thing to say “no dumb questions,” BUT it’s another to actually be able to ask those questions
  • The “working on it” is critical

CLIP 2: Town mascots, plant-based proteins, and the seed industry — LIVE! with Tom Greaves

  • The coaching aspect of it
  • Professional development — not just your own, but your team’s, too
  • Transparency and setting expectations
  • We all know what a great team should look like, but there’s a lot of things you have to do to get there
  • In today’s work environment, “do it because I said so,” doesn’t always work
  • Conflict management, especially during high-stress times
  • As people get tired, emotions start to run high

CLIP 3: Mind Your Farm Business — Ep 59: Learning to lead through conflict

  • Passivity is one of the worst qualities when it comes to conflict management
  • Are we having conflicts about the right things?
  • Partnership is the idea that everyone feels responsible for something
  • Interpersonal clarity. If only we knew exactly how to achieve this.
  • Trust. Trust is such a key player.
  • There are no lightening bolts — these things just don’t happen by themselves.
  • Interpersonal mush. It can spin out of control if it’s not addressed.
  • Not looking just outward, but looking inward, too.

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