RealAg LIVE! with Jordon Underhill on Canadian dairy

The Canadian Dairy XPO runs today and tomorrow of this week. It’s not too late to register for day two!

For this Wednesday edition of RealAg LIVE! Jordon Underhill of the Canadian Dairy XPO joins host Shaun Haney to talk about XPO and all things dairy.

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  • It’s been a challenging year, to say the least
  • Underhill is a producer too, so the XPO relates to what’s going on, on the farm
  • They are putting their best foot forward and trying to create the most educational and interactive experience that you can
  • Looking at fall of 2022 for Canadian Poultry XPO
  • In terms of the future, will parts of the virtual conference stay? Underhill says absolutely
  • The future could be more of a hybrid model. Value added
  • They wanted the virtual show to look as much like the live show as possible, and keep it personable
  • There will be pent up demand for shows!
  • Overall health of the industry is exceptional, especially when you look at the Canadian dairy industry from a global perspective
  • Barns are still being built, robots are still being used, farms are still in the black
  • Dairy farmers especially already experience a lot of isolation
  • The technology side of the industry is amazing. It is updating and changing every single year
  • More than just robotics in some of these technologies
  • The data components in these robots are incredible. “We know more about our cows than we ever have in the past”
  • The next couple of decades is going to be really exciting
  • Canadian Dairy is and will continue to be very competitive on the international stage
  • We need to protect our supply management system
  • Dairy industries across the world are facing some of the same issues we are. It helps to talk and work together. Let’s help each other.
  • Visit to register — you can still attend day 2!


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