Mind Your Farm Business — Ep. 61: A plan for professional development

David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber, is one of many keynote speakers to appear at the Southwest Agricultural Conference (SWAC).

Professional development isn’t just for those in corporate agriculture and it’s not just for those looking at taking on a new role, either.

Vik Kail, human resources leader for Corteva Agriscience, says that there’s a place for professional development, both formally and informally, for all levels of employees, including owners and managers.

Kail looks at professional development as not just a means to improve on poor performance. Instead, he challenges those in the farming sector and agriculture industry to think about what they’re doing to foster talent and develop their top performers, too.

Depending on the business and the age of employees, professional development could be classroom or course-based, or it could be a team endeavour, or a one-on-one mentorship type relationship. The options are limited only by your imagination, Kail says.

It’s also not something only for employees to push for. As an owner or manager, being open and willing to help others improve or add skills takes a change in mindset on your part. “Can you delegate something you like or that you’re really good at to someone who you know is probably not going to do it as good as you, or even the same way as you?” Kail asks. Our own ability to allow for growth and change will impact our employees’ ability to do the same, he says.

Listen on to the full discussion on the value of developing a professional development plan for each employee and yourself, here: 

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