Agronomy Geeks, Ep 22: Ashley Knapton

Ashley Knapton is the dairy strategic account manager with Corteva. Based in Eastern Ontario, Knapton spends her days working that bridge between the dairy farmer, the cow nutritionist, and what happens in the field.

But this isn’t really where she thought she’d end up. Knapton — also known as Kaptin Knapton on social media— had being a dairy classifier in her sights. Between showing cows, 4-H, and helping on her parent’s dairy at Almonte, cows were going to be the main focus.

Throughout her career, she’s had a few setbacks and learning experiences, but she’s used them to combine a fascination with plants and a solid understanding of raising dairy cows, into a career being an agronomist (for cow chow).

Her enthusiasm and positive outlook fuel a creative teaching streak that’s served her well in this role and those before it.

Listen on to hear Ashley share her thoughts on craft beer naming, women in sport, and the joy of public speaking. Plus, there’s a shout out to Instagram’s most famous Brown Swiss heifer, Jingle.