The Farming Biogas Podcast, Ep 3: Korb Whale of Clovermead Farms

(Debra Murphy/RealAgriculture)

An enterprising farmer is one that, in finding a gap in available equipment, decides simply to build their own. Such is the case with Korb Whale of Clovermead Farms and the biodigester setup on his farm.

When the farm decided to pursue building a digester, there really wasn’t a turn-key option in Canada. Instead, Whale and his team built their own with a focus on simplicity, serviceability, and availability of parts.

As Whale describes in this Farming Biogas Podcast, biodigestion was an attractive idea to move the farm towards self-sufficiency and a totally circular system. It’s taken several years of learning, tweaking, and more learning, but Whale says they are achieving some outstanding results.

The manure plus other feedstock feeds the digester, the heat warms water and their house, the byproduct is used for bedding and fertilizer, which feeds the crops that feed the cows, that make manure. Oh, and there’s that energy sale that happens, too.

Check out the full episode where Whale shares freely the challenges to getting set up, lessons learned, how green energy contracts made this entire venture possible, and how the farm is still quantifying all the spin-off-benefits to using biodegestion on the farm!


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