Partnership isn’t just a legal term

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When it comes to farming, we often think about partnerships purely as a legal definition, a business structure. But are we missing out on some real leadership opportunities by forgetting the other meaning of the word?

Kelly Dobson of LeaderShift Inc. says we need to stop looking at a partnership as a contractual obligation and focus more on the leadership aspect of it, in order to really gain success. It’s about really getting down to people feeling responsible for the success of the farm, regardless of their job title.

“We talk about contracting, building, and sustaining partnerships at all different levels, internally and externally to drive towards so people feel responsible. That’s what we find time and again,” Dobson explains. “When people are trying to let go — older generations, or they have new employees they want to give greater responsibilities to — but they just can’t let go. And in their mind it’s either they are in 100 per cent in control, or or somehow they aren’t in control, and that’s what’s in their brain.”

This binary way of thinking leads many to believe there is no middle ground; which of course is not the case. As Dobson explains, many see it as huge jump that they simply can’t make.

“When they can see that there is middle ground, and it’s not just something you read in a book, and they can see it for themselves, that’s where all the juice is. ”

Want to hear more? Listen to Dobson’s full discussion on the t0pic during this Q&A!

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