Celebrating soil on World Soil Day

Red River Soil in Profile, Lyndsey Smith, 2013

Today is World Soil Day, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has dedicated this year’s celebration to soil biodiversity.

The slogan for this year: “Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity.”

Closer to home, the Canadian Society of Soil Science’s goals for today’s celebrations are to draw attention to the importance of soil as a natural resource in Canada — a fact that farmers are well aware of — as well as start conversations with others in the field, and share how to maintain soil biodiversity.

Here at RealAgriculture, we’re proud of our cross-country coverage that highlights farmers and agronomists working towards maintaining soil biodiversity. Please enjoy a handful of our soil-themed content curated from Soil School series, LIVE!s, and soil-related posts, and just know that we have much more soil content in our archives ready for viewing!

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