Growing Agriculture: 2020 Saskatchewan Provincial Election Forum

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

RealAgriculture is pleased to present Growing Agriculture: 2020 Saskatchewan Provincial Election Forum.

This special presentation, brought to you by Access Communications, Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS), and Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association (SFSA), is hosted by our own Shaun Haney.

The question and answer program is sponsored by Saskatchewan Egg Producers, Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, and Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association.

You’ll hear questions from agricultural producers from throughout the province and answers from David Marit, Minister of Agriculture, Saskatchewan Party, Yens Pedersen, critic of agriculture from the New Democratic Party, and Robert Rudachyk, interim leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.

The agenda for the question and answer session is as follows:

  • Introduction from host Shaun Haney and panelists Todd Lewis, president of APAS and farmer, Myles Thorpe, president of SFSA, and Ian Boxall, vice-president of APAS and farmer.
  • What is your party’s vision for Saskatchewan agriculture in the year 2040? What policy proposals does your party have to achieve that vision? (1:48 to 13:17)
  • What does your party pledge to do to ensure that rural communities are kept up to date with rural internet and cell phone connectivity? (14:17 to 25:45)
  • With 55 being the average age of producers in SK, we’re soon going to see the largest transfer of operations to the next generation. What policies does your party have in place help the next generation of producers? (25:45 to 38:01)
  • Excess water, or drought, are realities for Saskatchewan producers. New drainage policy is still being developed and there is discussion surrounding simplifying the drainage application process, promoting responsible drainage and developing an ag drainage department within the water security agency or ministry of agriculture. How will your party take action on these important items? (39:22 to 52:32)
  • What proposals does your party have to recognize and provide incentives for environmental stewardship by agriculture producers, and how would your party create carbon credits or carbon offsets to reward Saskatchewan producers for their carbon sequestration activity or other environmental services? (52:32 to 1:09:46)
  • What is your party’s position on the modernization of business risk management programs, like crop insurance, and other income stabilization programs, to help producers mitigate the new and increased risk? (1:10:47 to 1:23:58)
  • Closing remarks from the panelists.

The program is also viewable on AccessNow TV community channels from October 19th to 25th.

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