Early maturity focus for Western Canada

Maizex Seeds is poised for continued growth in the Prairie Provinces with significant investment in building a product line for the future of corn production for Western Canada.

Key Grain Hybrids Key Silage Hybrids
MZ 1200DBR
CHU: 2050
RM: 72
Product Features:

  • Earliest VT2P launched in Canada
  • Excellent seedling vigour for early stand establishment
  • Impressive harvest intactness
  • Strong test weight and grain quality
MS 7420R
Silage CHU: 2200
Silage RM: 74
Product Features:

  • Increased starch availability
  • Aggressive seedling vigour
  • Robust plant stature
  • White cobs for more palatable silage
MZ 1544DBR
CHU: 2250
RM: 75
Product Features:

  • Excellent disease package promotes yield
  • Strong agronomics for harvest ease
  • Versatile placement north and south of zone
  • Rapid grain dry-down
MS 8022R
Silage CHU: 2250
Silage RM: 75
Product Features:

  • Aggressive early season vigour
  • Rapid grain set for early geography
  • Large harvest window
  • White cobs for more palatable silage
MZ 1688DBR
CHU: 2300
RM: 76
Product Features:

  • Rapid grain dry-down
  • Industry-leading plant health
  • Extended stay green for added yield
  • Superior agronomics
  • Moderate response to population
  • Excellent dual-purpose option
  • Yield leader
Venza R
Silage CHU: 2600
Silage RM: 88
Product Features:

  • Impressive plant size for increased tonnage
  • Industry leading silage performance
  • Enhanced stay green allows flexible harvest
  • Excellent standability

Early Maturity Focus

Moving forward, Maizex will be commercializing hybrids firmly below a 70-day relative maturity for both grain corn and especially silage. This will help meet the needs of farmers wanting the feed and grain yield advantage of growing corn but who need a hybrid that will finish within the shorter growing season in which they operate. Maizex has increased our testing capabilities across the country to meet specific regional needs. For early-maturity regions, this means selecting hybrids that will combine — really for the first time — ultra-early maturity with higher yield performance.

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