Combine capacity, operator comfort, and the move to seed green — a LIVE! Q&A with Torey Hadland

Lower horsepower tractors might be enjoying strong sales in the U.S. and Canada, but when it comes to combines, bigger is always better.

For a discussion on trends in farm equipment, dealer networks, and the value of new and nearly-new combines, we’re joined by Torey Hadland, western Canadian division director with Claas Canada, for this LIVE! Q&A.

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  • From an equipment manufacturer perspective, what changed with COVID-19?
  • Worldwide and here at home, only maybe a slight hiccup with some supply
  • Adding dealers or expanding dealer offerings?
  • Four to five years of the tractor business in Canada. Really just getting rolling now
  • Dealers matter. Beyond the price (*cough*), service, parts, and support are so key to what farmers choose
  • Combine simulator? It’s in Omaha, Nebraska, and is super cool
  • Many farmers out west wrapped harvest probably a month sooner than last year, thank goodness
  • The 7000 series of Lexion and 8000 series (biggest seller in Western Canada), increased threshing system and separation to increase capacity and thru-put. Faster unload, more hopper space
  • Bigger is better, y’all
  • Capacity is so key and the trend is to larger, sometimes that means fewer combines, owned
  • Sensors! There’s some auto-speed/feeding sensors to keep that combine rolling, avoid plugging, decrease operator fatigue
  • Be brighter! Seed green (vs. yellow and black) — the European colours have been well accepted
  • Features: fuel efficiency is a big one
  • Most adjustments even between crops can be done from the cab now
  • Grain retention is a huge focus in improving the offering in new units
  • Fast unload still matters even with the move to carts
  • Will Claas get rid of the steering wheel? Wait and see!
  • Drapers are what the people want in headers
  • Monitors — there are so many! Can we get them consolidated into one? There are some things that can be combined, but not all. They don’t all talk to each other
  • What about autonomous tractors, and more?
  • Xerion, 4WD, last 4 years Axion, and a few dealers carry the Axion 900 series, with rear-wheel track option
  • Slow, gradual growth in product offerings to do it right
  • Tracks vs. tires, and track movement for the forage harvester (to decrease crop damage)
  • Forage line has been stable, but it’s a pretty flat market in Canada
  • Hour options, extended warranty when dealing with one to four year old equipment vs. 8 years old or more
  • What’s the feed back mechanism for customers? Focus groups for all segments
  • What works in one geography doesn’t always work in another

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