Agronomy Geeks, Ep 14: Cory Willness

The Veris Msp3 is ready to map fields near Russell, Ont. Lyndsey Smith, 2014

There’s a saying about decisions being only as good as the information they’re based on. The same could be said for agronomic decisions based on maps; the better the map, the better the decision.

When Cory Willness, based at Naicam, Sask., got going in his agronomist role, most field maps (if they existed) were based on biomass readings done from satellites. Recognizing there is so much more to field productivity than just soil texture or biomass production led Willness toward not just founding his own company —  CropPro Consulting — but also developing a patented mapping process to help farmers make better agronomic decisions.

Combining soil, water, and topography, SWAT maps have helped eastern Saskatchewan farmers make better decisions, yes; but Willness has also taken the Croptimistic platform (which owns the technology) to the world.

In the podcast below, host Lyndsey Smith asks Willness about the roadmap to getting to this point, about how SWAT maps work, and if he couldn’t be an agronomist, what he would do for work instead.

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