FendtONE operator interface introduced in next generation 700 series


AGCO is releasing the FendtONE operator’s interface to North American growers with the introduction of the Fendt 700 Gen6 Series tractors.

The FendtONE interface is a complete redesign of the operator station, featuring up to three large display screens. Drivers can each customize the tractor’s operation to their own preferences. There are now more customizable control buttons, which are located on the engineered right-hand armrest and multi-function joystick.

The system uses LED touchscreen displays, and a 12-inch primary display located prominently on the arm rest, an option 12-inch pull-down display recessed into the roof liner, and a 10-inch “digital dashboard” mounted to the steering column. The 12-inch displays are linked and synchronized, which will allow data to be shown in unison across the displays.

Andrew Sunderman, tactical marketing manager for Fendt, says that the FendtONE workstation will make long days in the cab far less stressful.

“(Less stress) can reduce errors and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of every job — all of which have a measurable impact on a farming operation’s costs and profitability,” he explains.

In addition, the newly introduced Fendt 700 Gen6 Series tractors are now adjustable to both narrow and wide row spacings and available with a variety of row crop trie options, which will fit well in row crop operations. The addition of live, third-function loader capability makes them even more useful around the entire farming operation. Sunderman says these machines redefine premium in their class and are a cornerstone among the products available from AGCO’s growing network of Fendt dealers.

The Fendt 700 Gen6 Series also is available with the Fendt 5x Series Cargo Loader that provides live, third-function loader operation to make it easier to feed livestock, and it directly integrates into the tractor.

Sunderman adds the FendtONE operator station is an exceptional addition to the lineup of Fendt tractors.

“Current Fendt customers will appreciate the updates and new options of the 700 Gen6 tractors. And non-Fendt customers looking to gain an edge in their operation are going to find a machine that can significantly boost operating efficiency and profit.”

Pricing for the 700 series will start at $197,995 USD/$271,253 CDN.

Check out the full conversation between Andrew Sunderman and RealAgriculture’s Kara Oosterhuis, below:

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