RealAg Radio, March 2: N response, big bin problems, and the next wheat yield bump

Well, there’s one pro to an incredibly windy day in Alberta — it’s blowing in a great episode of RealAg Radio. On today’s Agronomic Monday, with host Shaun Haney:

  • Fertilizer planning, and varietal differences in nitrogen response, with Jeremy Boychyn, agronomy research extension specialist with Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions;
  • Why are we now seeing more sulphur deficiencies? Dr. Cristie Preston, eKonomics, shares some thoughts for a product spotlight;
  • The move to big bins, and spoilage issues, with Charley Sprenger, PAMI; and
  • Where’s the next big bump in wheat yields coming from? Resident agronomist Peter Johnson joins the show to build on a Twitter discussion from over the weekend.

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