New Holland celebrates 45 years of the twin-rotor combine

This year marks 45 years since New Holland’s original self-propelled twin rotor combine, the TR 70, was launched.

J Cole Sanford was at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show to celebrate the milestone, as well as provide some highlights of the latest version of the combine.

“It’s our DNA. When you think of the yellow combine, you think twin rotors. The biggest thing I think about twin rotors is the fact that it’s matched with feeding,” explains Sanford. “So what I mean by that the width of the feeder house is the same as the DFR, and it’s the same as the entry into the rotors, same width into the beater, and same width into the chopper. So it’s one straight shot through.”

Available for 2020 is the latest model of the twin-rotor combine — the CR 8.90 Revelation machine.

The main changes on the combine include an increase t0 571 horsepower, upping it from an 11 L to a 13 L. According to Sanford, this gives way for more automation capability in the combine.

The combine features IntelliCruise II — the ground drive control system — and IntelliSense to control all settings on the machine. “With this added horsepower on this Class 8 machine, we’re able to give the keys — so to speak — to the IntelliCruise II, and let the combine max out its power,” Sanford says. “When we do that in some of the power-limiting crops like wheat, small grains, or soybeans, with that added horsepower, we can get more done with the machine.”

Check out the full conversation between J Cole Sanford and RealAgriculture’s Kara Oosterhuis, below:

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