Cerefit™ helps barley & oats farmers maximize yield and minimize risk

Farmers are always looking for new ways to increase their yields while protecting their investment. To help barley and oats growers do just that, Corteva Agriscience has developed Cerefit™.

The new dual mode of action fungicide provides broad-spectrum control of yield-limiting leaf diseases for a stronger, healthier plant foundation that maximizes yield and manages risk from leaf diseases

New Dual Mode of Action Fungicide

Cerefit was developed to be applied at Flag Leaf Timing to protect high-yielding barley and oat crops from leaf diseases. The multiple modes of action in Cerefit provide a unique combination of two active ingredients (Group 11 and 3), each contributing to excellent disease control and resistance management.

High-Performance Protection Against Leaf Diseases

Cerefit provides broad-spectrum control of leaf diseases in barley and oats, such as Net Blotch, Leaf Rust, Stripe Rust, Stem Rust, Crown Rust, Powdery Mildew, Septoria, Scald, Spot Blotch, and more. Cerefit also offers increased flexibility through its wide window of application.

Choose Cerefit for Strong & Healthy Barley and Oats

Cerefit is proven to help farmers achieve the highest yields in barley and oats.

Leaf diseases can reduce yield potential by up to 20%, and this percentage can increase in warm and humid environments. But when Cerefit is used in conjunction with Corteva Agriscience pre-seed and post emergent herbicides, farmers are ensured a healthy and clean environment for their barley and oat crops.

As a dual mode of action fungicide, Cerefit provides both preventative and curative activity on the same diseases, which leads to enhanced control and resistance management.

To maximize your yields and minimize risk, keep your barley and oats strong and healthy with Cerefit.

Buy Cerefit today. Contact your crop protection retailer.

Learn more at cerefit.corteva.ca

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