Shifting your focus to the positive — and what’s within your control

What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning? Motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur Darci Lang advocates for positivity.

“Focus on the 90 per cent, is my message. [It’s] my belief that we all hold this big magnifying glass out in front of us in our lives, and we have a choice in what we focus it on.”

To Lang, the 90 per cent is the positives in our life, contrasted against the “not so positive” 10 per cent.

Speaking at CropSphere at Saskatoon, Sask., Lang challenged the group to ask themselves what their focus is on the farm, with others, and when they get home. Is it the 90 per cent, or the 10 per cent?

Lang says the best piece of advice she was ever given was to focus on what you can control.

“Because so much of the 10 per cents that happen to us — in our work, with the people around us, and in our families — we have no control over. And talking about things we have no control over is like talking about the weather.”

She suggests analyzing what we’re complaining about, only complain three times, and then look at whether or not it’s something we can control. If it is, do something about it. If it isn’t, stop spinning your wheels.

“There are so many countries that would wish for our first-world problems. So let’s get real on what we’re really complaining about, and just be a little more grateful.”

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