Android-based system offers steering and guidance solutions

At the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky, Trimble was providing a connected farm tour.

One of the highlighted kiosks shown was the steering and guidance solutions station that featured the brand-new GFX-350 display. The Android-based platform is on a 7″ display and runs Precision IQ — the Trimble software.

Jesse Chisholm, director of sales with Trimble, was at the show to demonstrate how the GFX-350 works.

“It’s competing in a spot to where guys are used to getting maybe antiquated buttons and very dim screens. This is a nice bright touchscreen display, with pinch features, with the latest and greatest technology in touch screen application,” he explains. “It can be used in an application such as hay and forage, to where someone might have a tool that is ISOBUS compliant, he can use this as his ISOBUS monitor as a standalone ISOBUS unit, as well as expand this platform to be fully functional as far as advanced-level features.”

Check out the full conversation with Jesse Chisholm, below: