Electronic spray flow indicator doubles down as a flow meter

Old-style flow indicators on sprayers can be tricky — keeping an eye on those floating balls, placing it somewhere in your cab that is visible, and ensuring your sprayer is working all at the same time can be difficult.

To address the issue, Canadian manufacturer Wilger Industries Ltd. is headed into the first full production year of its digital style flow indicator — the Electronic Flow Monitoring System.

Sean Georget, general manager of Wilger Industries Ltd., says digitizing the flow indicator allows for more efficient data communication from sprayer to operator.

“We can now communicate that info into a tablet that sits inside a cab that would mimic what the old style would be doing. It allows for better variation; you don’t have to have everything right behind you where you can see it. Also, it allows for if someone is running a dark liquid then it still works properly,” explains Georget, adding that the indicator also doubles down as a flow meter.

“It will work to tell you exactly what is coming out of each nozzle. We are working on an expansion of this where on top would be an electronic flow control, so you could tell it exactly what flow you want, and this valve would open and close to actually set your flow rates. It would be individual nozzle control, as well as metering.”

Retail price varies depending on the size of the system, but Georget says for a 48-run system, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is about $7,500.

Watch more in the conversation between RealAgriculture’s Kara Oosterhuis and Sean Georget, below:

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