Honey Bee AirFLEX the ultimate in harvest flexibility and productivity

No harvest is equal to others, whether you are farming in Western Canada, North Dakota, or Montana. To tackle all of the harvest variables, farmers need a header that provides the ultimate in flexibility to maximize efficiency and productivity of the combine.

Jamie Pegg, general manager of Honey Bee, says “We have been very excited about the AirFLEX platform itself. It’s a platform that has been on the marketplace for about four years now.”

Honey Bee takes pride in the AirFLEX; its initial success backed by two additional years of vigorous testing, several testimonials and responses on speed, how close it shaves the ground, and how it keeps working even through adverse conditions.

“We’ve got now probably about 14 years into this machine, and it was designed for the soybean market, for the lentil market, the pea market that’s sitting out there. And you know what, we’re really, really proud of the product that our engineering group has come up with,” says Pegg.

The ability to clip so close to the ground is based on a couple key features of the product:

  1. True flex table, which flexes all along cutter bar, so stays cushioned to the ground
  2. Low-cut guard system allows for around 1″ lower cut versus the competition

The increased harvesting speed is made possible through the confidence the operator has in the flexibility of the cutter bar, lightness of the header, and the fact the cutter bar is independently suspended. All of these features provide indirect benefits to costs, such asĀ  fuel consumption, as added upside.

“It’s very, very lightweight and can just ride on the ground,” Pegg says, versus digging seen in other headers because the cutter bar attached to header itself. “We’ll go anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds lighter than a lot of our competitions’ heads, and that light weight on the combine adds to the speed, adds to the cutting ability, and it also helps on fuel consumption as well, in a day and age where all farmers are looking to be able to save wherever they can.”

Because Honey Bee is a fit for any combine brand, farmers have the ultimate flexibility in purchasing decisions. When you are producing headers that are up to 5o feet in width, working with OEMs ensures that the Honey Bee header and combine handle the capacity without any productivity pinch points.

Models come in various widths of 25-, 30-, 36-, 40-, 45- and 50-feet.

The RDX Grainbelt, developed on the same AirFLEX platform, features a rigid cutter bar for those farmers that don’t need to shave as close to the ground in other crops, such as wheat and canola.

For more information on the HoneyBee AirFLEX, or to talk to your local Honey Bee rep, visit the website.

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