Geringhoff corn header integrates crop protection at harvest

Geringhoff’s new Horizon Star III Razor header offers European farmers better contour following and another method to combat European corn borer.

“Our innovation is that we split the corn [header] in two pieces, so we have two independent wings that can go up and down, and therefore we have more controlled contour following,” says Hendrik Schneider, with Geringhoff.

“And additional to that, we have another horizontal chopper underneath with a special knife, so we can chop the stubble into one-inch pieces, so there’s no stubble left in the field.”

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The integrated stubble chopper is based on the Rota Disk method, and offers another option beyond mechanical methods or insecticide, in the fight against European corn borer.

For now, Geringhoff is focusing on eight-row crops for the central European market.