Naïo’s Dino now equipped with inter-plant weed control

Naïo Technologies’ autonomous weeding robot for vegetable production is heading into 2020 with an improved offering — it is now able to weed around plants, as well as between rows.

“We want to offer one solution for farmers who [don’t] want to use herbicides. Mechanical weeding is a huge task — they spend a lot of time weeding — so we offer one autonomous solution for them,” says Paul Pampuri, Naïo Technologies.

Using a GPS RTK guidance system in conjunction with its front-of-machine camera, Naïo’s Dino is able to work at a 2 cm precision range to mechanically weed vegetable beds and rows.

“With the active tools, you are walking maybe two hectares in a day — in eight hours. With simple tools you can manage to do four hectares in eight hours,” says Pampuri.

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The robot weighs in at around 800kg, is completely electric, and works in rows from 120 to 160 cm, with inter-row possible from 15 to 50 cm.

The company’s focus right now is getting the robots into farmers’ hands, in order to hear valuable feedback from the field.

According to Pampuri, the price of a four-shank unit in Europe averages around €100,000, with the smaller two-shank unit costing on average €25,000.