FP Genetics expands its high performance pea portfolio

With new varieties in the works, an increased focus on research, and the drive to look to the future, FP Genetics continues to prove its commitment to deliver consistently high quality pedigreed seed and services.

FP Genetics has recently expanded its scope, with the addition of staff focused on research and market development to best evaluate new varieties to make sure they work for farmers and feed into an eager end-use market.

“I think that really speaks to our ability to make sure that we have the right products in the right place at the right time,” says Chris Churko, chief executive officer, with FP Genetics.

By assessing regional risk as well as performance in fields in Canada of new germplasm well ahead of commercialization, FP Genetics is able to ensure it’s making the right move when it moves to licensing a variety.

And, in the time it takes for a variety to become commercially available, FP Genetics is proving its worth.

“The end goal, ultimately, is to make sure that what we bring to the market is exactly what farmers need, and they are an improvement over what they have.”

By adding a market development role, FP Genetics is able to truly connect with end users, identifying what the market is demanding today, and tomorrow.

New Varieties

FP Genetics is expanding its pea portfolio, with two high-yielding, high protein upcoming varieties.

AAC Chrome

AAC Chrome will be showcasing its high yields in western Canadian fields starting in 2020. The variety features a short vine length, good disease package, and good seed coat integrity.

“It’s a very high yielding line. In the Saskatchewan seed guide it is number one in zones one and two, the brown soil zones” says Churko.

AAC Chrome provides the best of both worlds, giving farmers the ability to access the premium food quality market with a medium to large pea size, while not worrying quite as much about the sensitivity to handling.

AAC Profit

In terms of durability, AAC Profit packs an even bigger punch, while also listed as the highest yielding variety in the black and grey zones. It also comes in with a 1.5 to 1.8 per cent protein boost against the check AAC Lacombe.

“We’re talking about a time where there’s a lot of investment in Western Canada in alternative protein sources, and so coming out with a variety like Profit right now is really quite exciting for us.”